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"At the end of the 'Day'; whats counts is 'Sales'". Close more sales, when your "SILO Structured Website" is generating more Leads - this is the simple fact. Either you have your own working website or willing to create new dynamic website in Sharif - Jilfah, it works for all. Just follow a few simple rules given with each step here, It also guides you throughout the website designing process.

After your initial steps, we will intimate you periodically for further steps; which will be really simple and won't be putting extra burden on your pocket. We highly recommend you to register a new domain with us and; either get the traffic diverted to your existing domain or handle the queries individually.

You must have found our website in Sharif - Jilfah search engine, you will find us on various global search engines as-well. This is what we do; based on Google SEO Rules, we create multi-Location website with multiple page using SILO Structure, and optimize these pages for search engines. Your website starts getting ranking much faster than ever. Although its not an easy job, but our latest DBD Technology has made it far much easier and accessible, that you can also achieve your SEO Ranking. Why waiting ? Signup Now!

You must be spending a lot on Search Engine Optimization, we assure you; this is the most cost effective solution to bring your website on first page in organic search, resulting lots of hit and further relevant buyers / queries.

We have tested this technology on various product selling and service providing websites, below we are sharing their stats. You may request us to share the Google Analytics report for any of them.

  • $4.99/mo (annual plan)
    or $7.99/month-to-month
  • ✓  Responsive Website
  • ✓  Limited Analytics Sharing
  • ✓  Web Hosting on Cloud Server
  • ✓  Limited Email Support
  • ✓  DBD Domain (mysite.dbdwebsite.com)
  • ✓  Max 2 Hundred 50 Thousand Pages *
    Dont't worry, you just create 5 pages,
    or send us the content by email.
    Our DBD Technology will take care for
    rest Hundred-Thousand Pages.
  • You may upgrade later!
  • $9.99/mo (annual plan)
    or $11.99/month-to-month
  • ✓  Responsive Website
  • ✓  Full Access to Google Analytics
  • ✓  Web Hosting on Cloud Server
  • ✓  Full Email Support
  • ✓  Site Backup
    Restore your site easily from latest backup.
  • ✓  Custom Domain (mysite.com)
    Your Website URL will be www.yourwebsite.com.
    Ensures improved SEO, & customers can find you online.
  • ✓  Max 1 Million Pages *
    Dont't worry, you just create upto 20
    pages, or send us the content by email.
    Our DBD Technology will take care for
    the rest Hundred-Thousand Pages.

Who we are ?

We are constantly working on latest developments to help businesses grow exponentially. Our dedicated research team has studded the Analytics of various websites and concluded with key factors of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing. Using these unique key factors, our development team has invented a new technology named as "DBD Technology".

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